Spring is here....be sure to test your sump pumps!

Well I think it is safe to say that spring has finally arrived!  plus weather all week...I love it!  :) 

With the arrival of spring you will want to take 5 minutes to test your sump pump to ensure it is in tiptop shape for the coming summer.  This will be the best 5 minutes you will ever spend, trust me there is nothing worse then finding out the hard way.

Simply fill a bucket of water or run a hose to your sump pit and fill you pit up so that the float level raises.  Your sump pump should kick on and dispel all (or most of) the water from your pit.  If the pump does not kick on you may need to add more water as your float might not have triggered the pump quite yet, or you may have found that your sump pump is not operational.  

If your pump is not operational, you'll want to either buy a new pump and install it, or call a professional to come out and take a look.  Let me know if you need a recommendation as I know someone fantastic to do this work.  

Lastly if you would like to have an extra layer of protection to give you peace of mind you may want to install a water sensor with an alarm system.  This will alert you of a problem in real time before a broken sump pump turns into a flood.  Basement water alarm systems are affordable and can help prevent you from having to pay thousands in water damage repairs.

Rhonda Lavoie
Associate Broker/REALTOR ®


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