Small but mighty in numbers ~ Tent Caterpillars!

They have arrived  and are grossing people out all over the city! Facebook is crawling with pictures of these lovely creatures and everyone seems to be wondering what to do about it.  So I thought I should do a quick post about it.

5 things to know about this spring's tent caterpillar outbreak in Saskatoon

After a bit of research it appears that there really isn't much that needs to be done, the caterpillars will cycle out as quickly as they have come and are relevantly harmless.  As long as your trees are healthy they will come back with no rea concern.  

Now if they are grossing you out because they are all over your trees or side of your house you do have some options.

You could squash them and see what kind of interesting pattern they make...hey who know could be some sort of art piece!  Ok maybe that isn't the best way.

You could use the water hose or pressure washer to remove them.

You could purchase BTK inseticide to kill them!

I am sure there are all sorts of home remedies that will also work, if you have suggestions please feel free to comment on this post.  I would love to hear what works and waht doesn't  and would love to share it with everyone!

Good luck everyone!



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