Searching for the Ultimate Saskatoon Playground! - Dundonald School

Our search continues...this weekend we decided to check things out close to home so our first stop was Dundonald School playground.  It was a bit chilly out when we went but we bundled up a little so we could make the most of it. 

The playground has a bunch to offer, several slides, swings, climbing structures, monkey bars and more.  The playground base is wood mulch and there is plenty of it so there is lots of cushion.

There are several metal benches around the playground for those who would like to sit and visit while the kids play.  Great for supervising!

Stay tuned as we continue our search for the Ultimate Saskatoon Playground, be sure to check out my previous blog post for information on other Parks and Playgrounds.

Use the link below to check out the map of all the playgrounds we have visited so far.

Rhonda Lavoie
Boyes Group Realty Inc


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