Searching for the Ultimate Saskatoon Playground! - Gabriel Dumont Park.

The second stop in our search for the Ultimate Saskatoon Playground is the Gabriel Dumont Park.

The park is located along the South Saskatchewan River and can be accessed via Saskatchewan Crescent West at the end of 8th Street West.
The Park is named for one of the M├ętis leader of the Northwest Resistance of 1885.

A quick pit stop at the bathrooms before we started exploring, public restrooms are a definite asset to any park and something that we must consider when traveling with a toddler.  We appreciate that these bathroom were clean and convenient!  

Brielle taking a shower in the park.  We later figured out that there is another end to this "Shower" which you speak into and your voice comes out this end.  Brielle thought Mommy was stuck in the shower.  :)


Looking for boats on the river.

The park also has great walking trails, fire pits, picnic tables and lots of grassy areas for everyone to enjoy.  We met many joggers, bikers and folks walking their dogs.  Also saw a birthday party.

We also had a quick stop at the Fred Mitchel Memorial Park
The park sits across from the old Labatt's Brewery at 410 Saskatchewan Crescent W.  The original name of the green space was Labatt's Gardens which was constructed in 1962. The garden was purchase by Michell Gourmet Foods in 1994 and renamed "The Fred Mitchell Memorial Garden" with a life-size statue of Fred Mitchell erected in 2000.
Here you can see Brielle getting her getting her picture taken with the memorial statue. 

Stay tuned as we continue our search for the Ultimate Saskatoon Playground, be sure to check out my previous blog post for information on other Parks and Playgrounds.

Use the link below to check out the map of all the playgrounds we have visited so far.  Have you been to any of the parks we have visited so far?  I would love to hear from you.

Rhonda Lavoie
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