Searching for the Ultimate Saskatoon Playground! - William A Reid Park

Our daughter Brielle turns 3 next month and loves going to the park!  So we have decided to go in search of the ultimate Saskatoon playground and as an added bonus I have decided to blog and share the information with everyone so you can join in our journey. 

Everytime we drive south on Circle Drive Brielle says "look mommy a park....I wanna go there!" so it only seemed suiting that the first stop in our search be the William A Reid Park which is located just off Circle Drive south in Fairhaven.  To access the park go south on Fairmont Dr past Clancy Dr. 

When we arrive at the park it was very busy as there were multiple baseball games going on so parking was a bit tricky but we got lucky and found a spot very close to the playground.   

The playground itself was very quiet which allowed Brielle the freedom to play on everything at her own pace.  Unfortunately the slide on the small kids playcenter was in direct sun so it was too hot to go down but the rest was great!

The wobbly bridge was a bit tricky the first few times, Brielle was extra causious! 

 The Shower was fun!

The big kids playcenter was a hit!  Another bridge which she was causious on but was getting a little better at.

 And this slide was ok, not too hot!  She went down many times!

Swings are probably Brielle's second favorite part of the playground (her ultimate favoriate is definately the slide) 


Stay tuned as we continue our search for the Ultimate Saskatoon Playground, be sure to check out my previous blog post for information on other Parks and Playgrounds.

Use the link below to check out the map of all the playgrounds we have visited so far.  Have you been to any of the parks we have visited so far?  I would love to hear from you.

Rhonda Lavoie
Boyes Group Realty Inc


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