The Berry Barn

Well believe it or not but summer IS coming!  I know, I know with days like today it is hard to imagine that it will ever get here!  Well it will get here...eventually.

Anyway, one of the things that my family and I like to do during the summer months is visit the Berry Barn.  We actually went there for supper this past weekend, such a delicious meal with great speedy service.

One of our favorite dishes form the Berry Barn is the Cottage Cheese Perogy Pleaser with farmer sausage or cabbage rolls. Then a little Berry Treasure for dessert.  Next time we are going to have the waffles....they look so yummy.  On our way out we always check out the gift shop.

We also love to walk the grounds and take in all the beautiful flowers and gardens.  Plus a visit with the puppies.  
Brielle with the Puppy @ the Berry Barn

Be sure to take a trip to the Berry Barn some time soon.  

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