Pleasant Hill Village - 9.99% purchase Grants and 5 year tax discounts

The City of Saskatoon is offering a new, non-repayable grant program for families interested in purchasing a brand new condominium in Pleasant Hill Village. This offer also includes special discounts on property taxes for 5 years.

Pleasant Hill Village has undergone an amazing transformation to become an inviting, safe and welcoming community for families. Developed by both the City of Saskatoon and Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division, the plan for Pleasant Hill Village includes the new St. Mary’s Education and Wellness Centre. This will be Saskatoon’s newest and largest Catholic elementary school complete with a walking track that will be open to the public. 

Watch your children walk safely to school through the large park and neighbourhood playground, catch the bus or walk to the many nearby shops, library and future grocery store – it’s all here, right in the heart of historic Pleasant Hill. There are many newly constructed, energy efficient condominium units to choose from, located in two housing developments in the Village - Parkview Green and Pleasant Hill Solar Village. A variety of 2 or 3 bedroom units are available to purchase immediately. 

The new homes are affordably priced from $189,922 to $241,034 (price is non-negotiable), and the City of Saskatoon is now offering a special 9.99% cash grant towards the purchase of a condominium in Parkview Green or Pleasant Hill Solar Village. This special grant amounts to a savings of between $18,931 and $24,037 that will never have to be paid back. There is no income limit or conditions required to qualify for this grant, and it may be used towards your down payment or to buy new appliances for your home, it is up to you!

In addition, to make home ownership even more affordable, you will
receive property tax discounts for 5 years, as follows:
• Year 1 – 100% • Year 2 – 80% • Year 3 – 60%
• Year 4 – 40% • Year 5 – 20%

If you or anyone you know are interested in Pleasant Hill Village please contact.

Rhonda Lavoie
Hallmark Realty and Associates Ltd
Cell: (306) 321-7299

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