City of Saskatoon Legal Suite Bylaw

I have been noticing an increase in the number people asking about secondary suite options in new homes lately so I did a bit of research and of the 117 single family homes listed in Evergreen over 26 of them have either basement suites developed or a basement entrance.  These homes range in price, style and size give you many options to choose from.

I have also done a little digging into what the city's regulations are around secondary suites.  Below you will find a direct copy and paste from the Bylaw but in a nut shell the suite can not be more then 65 sq/m (about 700 sq/ft) or 40% of the total area of the home which ever is less.  There is a 2 bedroom maximum with no more then 3 people occupying it.  There must be at least one off street parking space for both the suite and the main dwelling.

5.30 Secondary Suites 

(1) Secondary suites shall conform to the following regulations: 

(a) Secondary suites may be located only in detached one unit 
dwellings and shall occupy no more than 40% of the gross floor 
area of a dwelling, including the area of the basement; 
 (b) In order to accommodate a secondary suite, the principal building 
must have a gross floor area, including the area of the basement, 
of at least 100m2 
 (c) The maximum size of a secondary suite shall be 65m2
(d) No more than one secondary suite may be located in any detached 
one unit dwelling; 
(e) The floor area occupied by a secondary suite shall be considered 
as part of the principal building; 
(f) A secondary suite shall contain no more than two bedrooms; 
(g) No more than three persons may occupy a secondary suite; 
(h) One off-street parking space is required for a secondary suite in 
addition to at least one off-street parking space for the principal 
dwelling. The parking space for the principal dwelling may be 
located in a required front yard. The parking space required for the 
secondary suite shall not be located in a required front yard unless 
the subject site has no access to a rear lane, and shall be paved, 
sited and screened to the satisfaction of the Development Officer; 
(i) Where a secondary suite has an entrance which is separate from 
that of the principal dwelling, the entrance may only be located on a 
side or rear wall of the principal dwelling; 
(j) Secondary suites shall comply with all relevant requirements of the 
National Building Code, or equivalencies as may be established by 
the Development Officer, and the Property Maintenance and 
Nuisance Abatement Bylaw, No. 8175

Also Saskatchewan Housing Corporation has a secondary suite program which will allow for a forgiveable loan of 50% of the construction cost up to $30,000 but unfortunately they are not accepting any applications at this time as they are out of funding.  I have been added to list of people to be notified when the program starts up again.  If you are interested in this program and would like me to let you know when it starts up again please contact me.

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