What are the different home styles?

The evolution of home building has seen many many different styles of homes.  Two-storey, storey and 1/2, storey and 3/4, 4 level split, 3 level split and even 5 level split, bungalow, raised bungalow, two storey split, bi-level, and modified bi-level.  Not to mention a-frame, walkout, and modular.

However, in the last few years the most popular styles have been bi-level, modified bi-level, two-storey, two-storey split, bungalow and raised bungalow.  To help everyone understand the differences between each style I am going to do a brief overview of these 6 styles

Bungalow -  44 new homes currently available in Saskatoon
Bungalows have been around for many many years, they are a home built all on one level with a basement equal in size to the main floor.  The outside stairs lead to the front or side door, once inside there will be a space to take off your shoes and hang your coat.  Often bungalows have hallways off one side to accommodate bedrooms.

Raise Bungalow - 3 new homes currently available in Saskatoon
Has all the same features of a bungalow except the home is raised to allow for larger basement windows.

Bi-Level - 76 new homes currently available in Saskatoon
A bi-level is basically a raised bungalow but with the stairs on the inside of the house.  Inside the front door you will find a set up stairs taking you up the the many level and  set of stairs taking you down to the basement.   Because the home is raised basement windows can be larger then most other homes, making it appealing for large family's or basement suite options.  Lately I have been seeing an increase in the number of new bi-levels with separate entrances to the basement which will allow for suite options.  Also note that the basement square footage will be almost the same as the main floor, remember that the listing can only note the total square footage above grade.

Modified Bi-Level - 32 new homes currently available in Saskatoon
A modified bi-level is the same as bi-level except that it has additional development over the garage, typically the master suite.

Two-Storey - 173 new homes currently available in Saskatoon
A two-storey is pretty straight forward in explanation, a home built on 2 storeys.  Usually the main living area is on the main floor with the bedrooms and sometimes bonus room on the second level. You will notice that the square footage of a two-storey home is typically larger then that of a bi-level or a bungalow but do not forget that the basement will not be as large.  So for example a 1812sq/ft two-storey would be approximately 2718 sq/ft total including basement, yet a 1500 sq/ft bungalow would be 3000 sq/ft with basement.

Two-Storey Split - 3 new homes currently available in Saskatoon
The easiest way to explain a two-storey split is that it is a bungalow with a second level over 1/2, so you have a larger main floor living area with a smaller second level area where the bedrooms are. This also has the larger basement like a bungalow.  This style of home is typically a little higher end

Based on the number of new homes currently for sale in Saskatoon it appears the most popular would be the two-storey at over 50% of the homes.  This is likely due to the fact that people would like to have more square footage then the lot sizes will allow, so to accommodate the builder has to go up.  Also many people are looking for triple car garages which are easier to build with a two storey because of the reduced foot print on the land of the house.

44    Bungalow
3      Raise Bungalow
76    Bi-Level
32    Modified Bi-Level
173  Two-Storey
3      Two-Storey Split
331  Total

If you are looking to buy a home in Saskatoon and area, give me a call.  I would be happy to help!
~Rhonda Lavoie
(306) 321-7299


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