Garden and Garage Suite's

Garden and Garage Suite's

Lately there has been a lot of chatter about the City of Saskatoon allowing garden and garage suites.  Today's Saskatoon Star Phoenix wrote "With the approval also comes the opportunity for people to build garden and garage suites."   Council approves key infill strategies - Star Phoenix   

A garden suite is a self-contained dwelling without a basement. It is installed in the rear or side yard of a lot with an existing, permanent, single-family house.  Usually, has a kitchen, living area, one or two bedrooms, bathroom and storage space.

Garage suites are secondary suites that are attached (often above) to a detached garage on a site with an existing single-family house.

Garage or Garden suites offer a form of accommodations that may serve as affordable rental housing, and may be a particularly desirable housing option for students, seniors, or 
people who require some degree of support from residents occupying the primary dwelling. In addition, they may serve as a mortgage helper, providing income assistance to the home owner. 

Before you start making plans to renovate the garage or drawing up plans for the garden suite be sure to check with the city for requirements.  Things to consider will be the zoning of your home, likely it will be a requirement that your home is zoned R2.  Also you will likely need to submit a development plan to the city to be approved.

With the push from the city to accommodate 75,000 additional people within Circle drive this could be a key step.  I am interested to see what comes of this and how it will affect property value of the home and the surrounding homes.

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