True or False: Buying my home directly from the builder will save me money?

Have you been looking around for a while? Going from open house to open house checking things out? Haven't been working with a real estate agent because you feel they will cost you more money? I would like to try and clear up that misconception. The answer to the question is...


Working with a real estate agent while buying a new home will not cost you additional money in fact it could save you money. An agent’s job is to work FOR you! Find you the right house, for the right price. To ensure the transaction goes smoothly with you being informed every step of the way. They have the product and market knowledge to help you make the right decision, the tools required to stay on top of this knowledge and the resources available to ensure you have peace of mind while buying.

So you are wondering why it does not cost more money to buy using an agent. Well most builders use real estate agents to list and market the houses so often the person you buy from with the builder is an agent. When you buy from them they get the selling commission and the buying commission. So why not hire an agent who will work FOR you, one who will help you look at the market to help you find the right home (yes we do work with the builders in Saskatoon). Have them find the homes instead of relying on open houses. Have them work with you, FOR you.

So now you might be wondering how an agent can save you money. Well an agent might know of other homes on the market that you do not know about. They also have access to information you would not have; days on the market, new homes coming up, motivation to sell, etc. Plus they already have a relationship with the selling agent and/or builder to help with negotiation.

My advice to you is, save money, time and effort by hiring an agent today! ~ Rhonda


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